About the AFIM

 The Association for Family Interactive Media (AFIM) was formed by video game development executives and interactive entertainment professionals concerned with the ever increasing levels of graphic violence and sexually explicit content portrayed in video games and the impact of video games, interactive entertainment and the Internet on America’s children and teens.


 The AFIM is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization supported solely through the tax-deductible donations of people, corporations and organizations concerned by the current state of interactive entertainment and its impact on our children.


The mission of the AFIM is to provide parents with the information, tools and resources they need to guide and protect their families in the use and enjoyment of video games, interactive entertainment and the Internet.


The AFIM is today a small but, by the grace of God, a growing organization. The AFIM has offices in Oregon, California and Indiana. Our commitment is to parents, parental groups and faith-based organizations nationwide.

Media Inquiries
Email Inquiries - ralph@afim.org
Telephone Inquiries -1.541.659.1401