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Video Game Articles and Discussion


Media Violence Research Update


Concern about violent video and computer games is based on the assumption that they contribute to aggression and violence among young players. The research base for that assumption is growing in spite of industry denials. Some in the industry insist that there is absolutely no evidence that playing a violent video game leads to aggressive behavior. That is not true.


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Study Finds M-Rated Video Games Contain Violence, Sexual Themes, Substances and Profanity Not Labeled on Game Boxes


According to a study led by Associate Professor Kimberly Thompson of the Kids Risk Project at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), 81% of a random sample of Mature-rated video games included content that was not noted on the game box.


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ESRB Ratings System – Beyond Repair


In their ‘Tenth Annual MediaWise® Video Game Report Card’, MediaWise concludes, ”After years of criticizing the ESRB ratings and calling for improvement and overhaul of the system, we have come to the conclusion that the system itself is beyond repair. The system supposedly put in place to keep killographic games out of the hands of kids seems to often produce the opposite results.”


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