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Internet Articles and Discussion


Internet Pornography and Our Children


   In the United States, the adult online entertainment industry makes around $1 billion dollars a year. The revenue is expected to increase in the next five years to around $5 to $7 billion. The industry is made up of a couple of large firms and many small firms. Since this business is able to generate so much revenue, it comes to no surprise why pornographic material is so prevalent on the Web.


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Online Predators


Using Internet communication tools such as chat rooms, e-mail and instant messaging can put children at risk of encountering online predators. The anonymity of the Internet means that trust and intimacy can develop quickly online. Predators take advantage of this anonymity to build online relationships with inexperienced young people. Parents can help protect their kids by becoming aware of the risks related to online communication and being involved in their kids' Internet activities.


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Rules ‘N Tools™ from ProtectKids.com


It is essential that parents implement both safety rules and software tools to protect your children online, one without the other is ineffective.


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